Luigi und Rocco Gruosso, two brothers from Basilikata, Italy‘s lovely south

Luigi developed an intense passion for cooking. His desire for perfection and his italian creativity complement each other, opening an opportunity for the exploration of new cooking styles like Sous-vide (a pressurized technique) to put a contemporary interpretation to the classic, simple italian cooking style he knows so well.

Rocco is the "Food & Beverage Manager" and takes care of everything outside the "kitchen". He leads the service team and, as a "somelier", is always an advisor and good friend to his guests.

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Our team

In the restaurant, Rocco, Pio, Gianni and Rosario make sure that you want for "nothing" and that you feel at home with us.


Luigi, Raffaele, Stefano, Christian and Camara take care of your physical well-being in the kitchen and create new dishes for you every day.